Health Experts who don’t have any extra time
but want to run a kickass online program…
Download, Save & Edit Your Way To Consistent Email List Building & Online Profits With This Fully Customizable, Done-For-You Program.
Hey Health Expert,

Lori Kennedy RHN here and let me tell you…

If you’re in the nutrition, health coaching, or even fitness niches—there’s never been an easier way to give your audience exactly what they are looking for!

You know all too well that you have friends, family and maybe even co-workers… people on your social media, blog readers, and perhaps even members of your Facebook group who are just waiting for you to extend an offer to help them. Yes, it’s true!
Your Current (and Future) Audience
Is Begging For Your Help!
They’re looking for “quick fixes” that actually work, to help themselves feel better, that can be done in a short period of time — that don't deprive or restrict them. They’ve heard of detox programs, 10, 15, or 21-day fat loss programs, or any one of the health and fitness “challenges” we’ve all seen pop up on Facebook.

You should be the person who helps your audience! But creating the program they crave from scratch takes way too much work and way too much time.
Sure, you already have the concepts down. You already have the authority, knowledge, and certifications.

But creating a program that could take months and months of work, $1,000’s in outsourcing costs, and even more time spent testing as you cross your fingers and hope your prospective ideal clients didn’t go somewhere else already. Fortunately:
The Detox Program Your Clients Are Waiting 
For Is Already Done-for-You! 
No Content Changes Needed. 
Just Plug-In Your Details.
No Extra Work Required.
The 10-Day Body Reset Detox
Done-For-You Program for Nutritionists, Health Coaches, Personal Trainers, Naturopathic Doctors & Wellness Coaches.
100% Customizable & Copyright Free.
All You Have To Do Is Add Your Introduction
And Your Personal Branding.
(Even Sales Emails Are Included)
This Is Perfect For You If You Work With Clients Who Have…
  •  Hormone imbalances
  •  Digestive symptoms
  •  Menstrual cycle problems
  •  Infertility and post-natal issues
  •  Weight loss goals
  •  Energy imbalances
  •  Sugar cravings
  •  Food and mood issues
  •  Toxicity issues
  •  Inflammation and pain symptoms
  •  Type II Diabetes and cardiovascular disease
  •  Overweight kids and teens
  •  Vegan/Vegetarian meal planning issues
Here’s What You’ll Get Inside The 10-Day Body Reset Detox Done-For-You Program:
With The 10-Day Body Reset Detox you will be able to launch your personalized list building lead magnet or a brand new, lost cost, low commitment, and high value online program to your audience as early as tomorrow! 

More than the copyright to the program, you’ll also get access to proven marketing materials your audience will love. Here’s what’s included in the done-for-you 10-Day Body Reset Detox…
The 10-Day Body Reset Detox Program Guide

You’ll get the complete 20-page 10-Day Body Reset Detox Guide in Word doc format all ready for you to add your introductory message and personal branding to. It’s packed with already researched information and advice and includes…
  •  An Introduction From You “Template”
  •  Medical Disclaimer
  • Kitchen “Clean Out” Cheat Sheet
  •  3-Day Liquid Cleanse Meal Plan
  •  Snack Guide
  •  7-Day Body Reset Detox Meal Plan & Recipes (Vegan/Vegetarian)
  •  7-Day Body Reset Detox Meal Plan & Recipes (Protein)
  •  Supplement suggestions (can be removed if supplements aren’t within your scope of practice) 
Complete Supplement Guide

Include this supplement guide to answer your client’s questions about which supplements they should be taking. It’s an added component so if recommending supplements are not within your scope of practice then just omit this guide. The supplement guide includes information about…
  •  Probiotics
  •  Vitamin D
  •  Greens Power
  •  Omega 3
  •  B-Complex 
And it even includes Canadian and United States product information and brand recommendations to keep everything clear for your new subscribers and clients. This excellent “value add” makes your lead magnet or online program even more irresistible!
Opt-In, Thank You Page & Facebook Ad Templates

Swipe from the exact wording we’ve already tested. Use the exact layout and wording to set up your own pages so you can start building your email list today.

Don’t want to use the 10 day body reset detox as a lead magnet? No problem. You can also sell it early in your sales funnel as a low cost, quick start program—it works just as well!
Social Media Promo Images and Program Graphics

We’ve got your graphics and images covered too! I put my designers to work to create…
  •  A Professional 3-D eBook Image
  •  3 social Media Promotional Images (sized for Facebook & Instagram)
  •  Sales Page “Component” Images
  •  Use the images to drive traffic to your lead magnet subscription page or sales page.
PLUS – You Get Access to 3 Bonuses
That Make Implementation And Profit Even Easier
Because we want you to grow your business with ease, you’ll also get (for free)…
10-Day Body Reset Detox Implementation Video
(valued at $197)

Ready to learn how to setup and launch your 10-Day Body Reset Detox program? Samantha Gladish, holistic nutritionist and I are ready to show you! Sam will share how she uses the 10-Day Body Reset Detox as a high converting lead magnet in her busy nutrition practice.

This video walks you through where she posts her lead magnet, how she uses Facebook ads, how you can use this program in a variety of different ways and also how you can bundle essential oils and supplements with it too.
6 Sales Emails, Written for You 
(valued at $297)

I know that writing sales funnel emails is not your forte so we’ve included Sam’s exact emails that you can use as your own.

Use these emails as is or modify them to fit your program philosophy. If you are using the 10-Day Body Reset Detox as a lead magnet, then these emails will be used to funnel clients to your paid program.

If you are using the 10-Day Body Reset Detox as a paid program, then you can modify the emails to use as your sales funnel emails from your own lead magnet.

You can use the emails exactly as need to change or modify!
Access To Take Your Health Practice Online FB Group 
(valued at $497) 

When you invest in the 10-Day Body Reset Detox you’ll get instant access to the Take Your Health Practice Online Facebook group. This is where you can meet fellow health experts, network, get support, get your questions answered and ask for feedback.

Hi, I'm Samantha Gladish, holistic nutritionist and expert in women's hormones and weight loss. I created this lead magnet to use in my own practice over 10 years ago and have been refining it ever since. In the last year alone it's helped me grow my email list to little over 5,000 subscribers in just 60 days. 

Trust me when I tell you that subscribers and future clients will LOVE the 10 days that will give them big results. The best part is that you end up looking like the rock star expert who's helped them to feel better quickly.

We know you are tight on time and bandwidth to create your own high-converting lead magnet... so just use mine. There are too many women out there suffering... use the 10-Day Body Reset Detox to help them feel better so they want to commit to doing the transformative work with you as their coach."

Here’s What Other Health, Fitness, & Wellness Experts Are Saying About My Done-For-You Resources:
Lori has been a lifesaver with her vast knowledge in both working with nutrition clients and in helping me to grow my business. Before working with Lori, I had seen less than 10 clients as I was fresh out of nutrition school.

Now, I have a Facebook page with over 1000 followers, I have a private Facebook group with over 80 members, and I’ve implemented Lori’s program where I’ve had over 25 clients go through it- and I have a full time career as a massage therapist!

I now feel like I’ve set myself up as an expert in my field -- I would not have been able to do this on my own without her help. People now reach out to me, instead of me having to chase clients.

Lori has created a great community and I am so happy to be part of it!

Gaylene Gomez RHN, RMT
As a holistic nutrition coach I had spent five years doing one-on-one nutrition consultations, spending hours doing behind the scenes work for each client. 

I consider those "lost hours" because it was impossible to financially recover the amount of time I put into research and preparation of personalized nutrition plans. I was getting discouraged and wondered if I should just go and get a job because I would probably be paid more than I was making as a nutrition coach.

Lori's program transformed my business!

The done-for-you content saves me a lot of time. I now consistently get 1:1 clients paying me between $597 - $997.

All of Lori's done-for-you programs offer a stress-free way to confidently offer your clients valuable nutrition and lifestyle education to help transform their lives while you get paid what you’re worth!

Sandra Briand
 I purchased one of Lori’s done-for-you programs after struggling for months to figure out how to put together my own program. At first I wasn't sure it would work for me because my main focus isn't hormones or weight loss. 

But it really helped me get clear on who my ideal client is and what I can help them with. The first thing I did was write my sales page. I didn't even get it all the way finished and I shared what I had with two potential clients.

They both signed up right away at the highest price I'd ever charged. Each of them said that the words I used were exactly what they were feeling. We're 2 weeks in and they're both super happy and I have three more potential clients to talk to this week. Can't wait to get more of Lori's programs.

Anita Thomas
 I have 2 of Lori’s done-for-you programs. I've used them to coach 6 clients so far to a tune of $2350.50! 

The nutrition information is easy to use, has lots of detail and my clients love it. As they incorporated the strategies into their lifestyle, they were able to achieve their health intentions - weight loss, better exercise habits, better digestion and they look and feel great in their body!

Prior to purchasing the programs I was struggling with one off sessions. By implementing the programs, I've been able to build relationships and trust with clients resulting in additional revenue from direct sale.

Anne Chaplinsky
Don’t Wait Months To Launch Your Lead Magnet Or Program, 
Do It Tomorrow… All the Work Is Already Done-For-You!
Complete “Ready to Launch” Lead Magnet  or Online Program
Everything you need to launch high converting lead magnet or online program is included...
You can create this product yourself and launch it if you'd like... but it would take weeks of works and $1,000's of investment in outsourced contractors to do it right.

We've already done everything for you. All you need to do is add your own branding to the 10-Day Body Reset Detox program and launch it.
Just $297 CDN! or 2 Payments of $173.50
Try The 10-Day Body Reset Detox Done-For-You Program
We already know the 10-Day Body Reset Detox converts at 49% as a lead magnet. If after you brand, implement and promote your lead magnet for a minimum of 30 days and don’t feel it’s right for your business then we will give you a full refund. You must provide proof that you’ve branded, implemented and promoted the 10-Day Body Reset Detox for a full 30 days prior to receiving a refund.
Start Growing Your Email List Today…
Click the buy now button to get immediate access to the entire program. You’ll be able to split up the program and use it as you see fit. 

Use the high-converting 10-Day Body Reset Detox as a lead magnet to help your community - - give it away for free - - or get more people into your sales process and buying from you—all with a few clicks, drags and drops.
Got Questions? Is The 10-Day Body Reset Detox Right For You? 
Q: Can I use this program if I’m a __________________ (insert professional title).
A: The 10-Day Body Reset Detox is perfect for health coaches, nutritionists, personal trainers, Naturopathic Doctors, wellness coaches, aromatherapists, culinary experts… basically anyone in the alternative health and wellness niche. It’s also a great program if you are looking to ramp up your direct sales business - - if you sell essential oils, shakes, bars, supplements this would be a great lead magnet to use to attract ideal clients. 
Q: What if I’m a health coach in a red state. Can I still use this program?
A: Regardless of where you live you should check with your certifying body and state/provincial regulations to ensure you stay within your scope of practice. If you are in a red state, you should still be able to use the meal plan included in the 10-Day Body Reset Detox as the meal plans are recipe based - - not based on grams or calories and the recommendations are generic, not prescriptive or personalized.  
Q: What technology platforms do I need to implement and execute the 10-Day Body Reset Detox?
A: All you need is an email marketing platform that includes autoresponders. We recommend using Aweber - - the monthly fee is nominal. If you want to get fancy then you can also add on Leadpages but it’s not necessary right out of the gate. 
Q: Do I have to make any changes to the content?
A: Nope. While we don’t recommend you copy the wording on the opt in, thank you and Facebook ad template exactly... you can use the content as is. We suggest that you personalize the content by adding in your own story, personality and wording that you know will work to attract your ideal client. 
Just $297 CDN! or 2 Payments of $173.50
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